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I have been in dog training with Cindy since 2009 when I got my first Great Dane. The puppy classes were full, so I decided to take private lessons so I could go into the next obedience class. I cannot tell you how extraordinary it was to learn the psychology behind how a puppy/dog thinks. Cindy gave me the keys to open up the communication pathway between human and canine. It was so wonderful to see the changes in my puppy and in myself. Fast forward to 2021 and I just finished advanced obedience with my fifth Great Dane. I now live in Green Bay and have tried other dog training schools in my area. None of them compare to what Cindy offers in her six week class. She covers all of the skills needed to make your dog a respectful, polite member of society. All of my great Danes obtained good canine citizen certifications, one went on to obtain an excellent title in AKC Rally obedience, and all of the previous four were TDI certified therapy dogs.

If you put in the time, you will have an amazing family member! Everywhere I go people always comment about how well behaved my dogs are. Don’t be that person yelling at your dog and bracing at the end of the leash. Cindy will give you all of the tools to take your dog from average to amazing.


                                                                                                 Victoria Burger


Cindy at K-9 Elementary has given our family an amazing experience as dog owners Not only is she knowledgeable, professional and cares for each individual, but she is there for problems that occur outside of class and is always willing to answer your questions. Going to group classes has allowed me to build an amazing bond with both of my Golden Retrievers. She is inclusive to all types of dogs and holds each to a high standard, while still allowing each of then to have their own personality. I have recommended Cindy's training to multiple coworkers and have continually been highly satisfied with their experiences. I am so thankful for K-9 Elementary and the experiences Jovie and Finny have both been given through their training.



We can't express how happy we are with our experience at K9 Elementary. Cindy is a wonderful trainer. Not only for your dog but for yourself as well. Cindy is firm and quickly corrects you and your dog in a calm, yet assertive manner. We have enjoyed every single class we've had, and look forward to more!

                                                        Mike & Susie Cegielski - Mosinee


Every dog should have the opportunity to participate in Cindy’s classes. Her passion for helping them become “good citizens” is authentic and caring. That passion extends to us humans as well. She truly enjoys helping us to realize there is more to training than just giving commands and “hoping for the best”. We have been through many classes over the years with all of our dogs. Most of them were rescues – we could only assume what their early life was like. Thanks to Cindy we have been a part of their growth - Increased self-confidence, betterment of socialization skills, and control. Most importantly, because of what Cindy has taught us, we have helped them become family.

                                                                               Jeff & Heidi Peura

                                                      Picabo, Jade, Hoss, Kira, Wilson, & Mocha

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I got my dog Rocco when he was 8 weeks old and knew right away I was going to need some help training him. He is an English Bulldog / American Bulldog mix and I can tell you "stubborn as a Bulldog" is a real thing! 

We took the Puppy class and also one on one training sessions in my home. Cindy was able to help give me the tools I needed to build structure to help me train an unruly puppy with an attitude into the awesome dog I have today! Whatever the issue - she can help!

                                                                   Kim R. - Rothschild

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